​Styling Tips for your Session

These are simply tips for what I think works well and looks best in photographs. Picking outfits can be a daunting and stressful task! Just remember to have fun, keep it simple and comfortable, dress appropriately for the weather, and be yourself. Keep in mind that my client closet may be available for your session.

Things to avoid:

  • Avoid apparel with large logos or words- unless they are related to your shoot, such as a sports team, etc.
  • Avoid bright, fluorescent/neon colors – they can distract from your faces, the scenery and can reflect onto your skin which can be very unflattering.
  • Avoid distracting patterns that are super bold – patterns and prints are nice but keep the pattern simple for photos.
  • Avoid ball cap style hats - these cause shadows on the face, possible lines, and flat hair, so please leave them at home.
  • Avoid having multiple people in your group wearing different un-complementary patterns.
  • Avoid matching each other – and avoid wearing the same colors, for example, both wearing white tops and black bottoms can come across as cheesy in photos. If you are wearing a light top, have the other person try wearing a darker top.
  • Avoid lip gloss, too much shiny eye shadow, or highlighter on your face. They will appear overly shiny and possibly greasy in photos.
  • ​Avoid anything that bra straps or bra lines will show through. ​
  • Avoid overly tight clothing that is unflattering.
  • Avoid leaving elastic hair ties on your arms.
  • Avoid sheer/see-through items.

Things that work well in photographs:

  • Wear neutral colors – white, cream, grey, tan, black, caramel, BUT there are neutrals of every color! Try choosing a mild hue instead of something bright or bold. Bright shades such as red can cast on your skin. Check out the sample palettes below.
  • Wear outfits that compliment each other and your location.
  • Wear different textures.
  • Wear layers- If you are wearing a loose fitting dress, try a belt with it or a jean jacket or sweater over top.
  • Wear flowy things like dresses and skirts.
  • Wear items that do not match the seasonal background. I.E. avoid most shades of green when the trees are green in late spring and summer, avoid white and cream for snow.
  • Accessorize- belts, watches, necklaces, big earrings, bracelets, scarves, sun hats, felt hats, etc.
  • Bring comfortable shoes! Don't worry about shoes too much, as your full figure will not appear in all of your photos. To get an awesome view we may have to walk through rocks, hills, or just uneven ground. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes to walk in if you plan on wearing heels.

Other tips:

  • Plan/schedule any appointments that are necessary for you and your family including, hair, nails, etc. well in advance of your session.
  • Be on time or a little early! If you are on time or early you will have time to be relaxed, put on some lipstick, listen to music and talk before being in front of the camera. I schedule my sessions exactly at the time for optimum lighting. If you are late, you just missed out on that perfect light!
  • Come prepared – bring blankets, sentimental items, and anything special for the weather that day.
  • Be confident and have a positive attitude – If you are confident it will look so much better than if you are constantly worrying or doubting yourself. I will help give direction but the best photos are usually when you are moving, interacting, and not overly posed or stagnant.
  • If you have little ones, it is usually a good idea to have a backup outfit for them in case they get dirty. Snacks and drinks are also good as an incentive and for breaks.
  • If you are bringing dogs, toys (especially squeaky ones) and treats usually help get them to look.

Again these are all tips and not rules. Please send me outfit photos if you have any questions or want my opinion.