About Me

When I was growing up, my mom was always taking photos of my brother and I. We are very fortunate to have albums full of photos from our childhood. Looking back, I think that my mom taking photos so often inspired me to want to do so myself. I was given my first real camera when I was 10 years old. Before that, I was always playing around with my mom's camera or using disposable ones (see the photo below that was taken when I was about three years old. I promise that my equipment is better now haha.) I am very thankful to have found my passion early in life and to be able to pursue it today. One of my favorite things in the world is capturing memories for others!

Some random things about me:

-I have done two photoshoots for Durango Boots.

-I have been published in multiple photography magazines.

- I love animals and am always up for photographing them! I have two cats (Willow & Aspen) and a German Shorthaired Pointer (Sage).

- I am from Waverly, WV. 

- My favorite TV show is The Office. 

- I really enjoy cooking and baking. 

- I love all types of design from graphic design to interior design. 

- I love decorating and am always changing up the decor in my house. 

- I have a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Design. 

- By weekday I am a Communications and Digital Media Specialist for a non-profit in the education sector. 

- I am a neat freak and clean all the time. 

- I love shopping and especially bargain shopping!

- I am definitely a night owl and am bad about staying up very late. 

- My favorite season is fall. 

- My husband and I dream of having a small farm one day.

- My favorite sessions to shoot are maternity, engagements, senior portraits, and small intimate weddings, but I enjoy photographing just about anything and everything!

With Memories by Megan Westbrook, LLC my goal is to creatively capture memories that will last a lifetime for you and your loved ones. My shooting style is natural and in the moment. I love to capture genuine emotion, such as the way people look at each other and laughter.  I am an experienced photographer for weddings, engagements, family portraits, senior portraits, maternity, newborns, events, and requests. I am very passionate about any project that I have the opportunity to work on, pay attention to even the littlest of details, and strive to be as creative and original as possible. I am happy to help with your session every step of the way from outfit and styling suggestions to locations and everything in between. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Four legged clients are my favorite! A photo of my dog, Sage got published in April 2023.